5 Reasons you should sponsor Reno Earth Day:

1. Highest Daily Attended Event in Reno with up to 30,000 attendees
2. Reno’s Greenest Large-Scale Event (More than 50% of waste diverted in 2023 with a goal of 80% in 2024) Enforced restrictions on single use items, advertising methods and more.
3. Highly Advertised through multiple advertising partners including Channel 4, Channel 11, Reno Media Group, Lotus Broadcasting, Facebook 7,200 local organic followers (more than $2,000 in boosted posts), Instagram, E-Blasts to more than 8,000 subscribed emails and more!
4. Event provides free education to the public from more than 150 local non profits, sponsor money helps ensure booth spaces can remain at $50 making it the most affordable event in Reno as well.
5. By sponsoring Reno Earth Day, you are supporting more than 150 non profits, 100 local artisans, 10 local eateries, 20 local performers and 10 staff.

Sponsor Levels:
-Presented by – $7,500 PENDING
-Cup Sponsor – $5,000 (10,000 reusable cups with your logo. These cups will be re-used all year at all of our events for bars and lemonade stands resulting in more than 20,000 impressions)
-Sustainability Raffle Sponsor – $2500 (Free Raffle Presented by, sponsor collects all Leads) Raffle helps us to achieve our diversion goal by encouraging patrons to ride a bike, bring a water flask, bring their own utensils, their own tote, etc.
-Stage Sponsor – $2,000 (3 stages available) Stages tend to be the busiest gathering points at the event. Not only will you have a banner spanning the stage tent, you’ll also receive multiple shout outs from the performers
-Volunteer Sponsor – $2000 (Assists in paying donations to schools in return for student volunteers) We use student volunteer groups as a way to help support their fundraising efforts. Sponsorship will be payable to our partner school/s.
-Waste Station Sponsor – $1,000 (10 stations available) Your Banner in the waste station canopy. This is the heart of our event and requires a large amount of volunteers to sort, weigh and document all waste.

All sponsorships above include at least one of each of the following at no charge, in addition to a 10×10 booth space at the event

Support the event:

Logo on Website – $300
Event Banner – $300
Social Media Posting – $200 each
A Frame Sign at event – $200 per side

If you are unable to provide cash sponsorship but would still like to support the event and our sustainability goals, you can do the following:
– Share the event on Facebook.
– Donate Raffle Items
– Volunteer