Five Reasons you should attend Reno Earth Day

1. It’s the first large outdoor event of the year, and boy does the sunshine feel good!

2. There are nearly 300 booths spread throughout the park where family members of all ages can learn, participate, pet, shop, eat, sip and more!

3. 4 stages featuring everything from solo artists to large bands; 8 in total. Not to mention the more than 10 other visual experiences throughout the park.

4. An exclusive 21+ area with our newest and largest stage on the ballfields.

5. There are strict rules and practices in place to ensure that our event is the greenest event of it’s size. Read more about it below!

All waste collected at Reno Earth Day is separated into three categories: Solid Waste, Recycle and Compost. From there, Volunteers weigh, document and properly dispose of all of the waste.
In 2023, Our first year promoting Earth Day, we diverted nearly 60% (by weight) of all waste collected to Recycle and Compost. We have a goal of 70% for the 2024.
We share all of our data collected to help other events divert some of their waste too. All in all, in a win-win!

Three Reasons to have a booth at Reno Earth Day:

1. Reno Earth Day is one of the highest attended events in the city. We had an attendance of 23,000 in 2023 but in 2024, with a progressive advertising campaign, we expect no less than 30,000 attendees.

2. Its the first major event of the year and what better way to start the season than with a bang?

3. Booth prices are less than 50% of similar events. We really want you there!

Three reasons why your company should sponsor Reno Earth Day:

1. Highest Daily Attended Event in Reno with up to 30,000 attendees
2. Reno’s Greenest Large-Scale Event (Nearly 60% of waste diverted in 2023 with a goal of 70% in 2024) Enforced restrictions on single use items, advertising methods and more.
3. Highly Advertised through multiple advertising partners including Channel 4, Channel 11, Reno Media Group, Facebook Instagram, E-Blasts and more!
4. Do something great for your community. Your sponsorship can make a magnitude of difference.